Pastor Holder's book, "No is Not an Answer, Second Edition" is a
study of how God answers prayer. Pastor Holder uses
over 700
Bible verses
to make his case that if we will follow God's word
and live in obedience to Christ, God gives us those things for which
we ask.

The book is available for sale. You can order the book from any
book store using the ISBN book number: 978-1-62563-989-9. Be
sure to use that number or ask for "No is Not an Answer: Second
Edition" Be sure to say: "
Second Edition." by Buddy Holder. Or
order the book online from Barns and .

Danny Daniels, pastor and author writes:
"This book is a must
read for anyone serious about prayer, praying and teaching
prayer. Buddy hits the nail on the head with his insightful Bible
expositions and accurately strikes a nerve in our prayer
complacency. The success of this book is found in the fact that
once reading it you will be wanting to pray more passionately as I
did. Thank you, Buddy, for giving Christianity a fresh perspective
on our privilege of prayer. It is rich and rewarding reading."
The "Christian Guide Book" was written
by pastor Holder to help new Christians
and Christians of all ages better walk with
Jesus in obedience to His word and learn
to truly become His disciple.

We all need a little help from time to time,
and this booklet helps us understand the
importance of following Jesus.

Free of charge to all making request!
"Bringing the World to Receive Christ"
was written by pastor Holder to help
Christians lead others to receive Jesus as
their Lord and Savior in a worship service

It can be a little unsettling at times trying to
lead others to faith in Christ. We want to
get it right without stumbling. This
publication will help with our trepidation in
leading others to faith.
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"I read No Is Not an Answer from cover to cover.  Once I started I could not stop reading it.  I stayed up late
into the evening 2 or 3 nights reading it.  I completely enjoyed it, and I am still benefiting from the personal
testimony you share in the book.  The strength of the book comes from your frequent references to the Bible
and from your personal stories of how prayer carried you through the difficult times of life.  Your stories of
your mother, Carolyn, and Vietnam show the power of prayer in your life.  You may not realize this, but your
unmovable faith provides great strength to others."  
-- Sam, North Carolina

"Buddy Holder has written a thorough book on prayer. He captures some of the great old truths in some fresh
ways and also gives new insights on how God answers and works through prayer, ...and I'm glad he wrote this
book. ...I challenge anyone who has any instinct and love for prayer to read, study, breathe and pray this
--Danny, Nevada

"I just finished reading your book. WOW! Every Christian should read it!" --Glen, California
What Others are Saying about the Book!
Other Resources
"HELL, What Is It?" tries to answer
by way of Biblical passages a very sensitive
question many on both sides of the aisle have
concerning what hell really is. Is it a place of
eternal torment as many in the Christian
community believe or is it a place of eternal
death where sensations cease and the faithless
are destroyed?
      Pastor Holder believes the Bible paints a
thorough picture of what hell is and he believes
he has found many of the answers to the
troubling question: "Hell, What Is It?"
      The book is scheduled to be released in the
Summer of 2017. Look for it on the Internet or
order it from book stores where you live.
"The Elucidator" is a book about
the revelation of the truth of God, mankind, all
creation, faith, life, heaven and hell.
  This is Pastor Buddy's third full length book
and it is packed with commonsense revelations
and under the surface hard-to-find facts about
many of the concerns of mankind throughout
the centuries and generations of man.
  What does the Bible mean about Jesus being
the way, the truth and the life? Do our souls go
on living after we die? Do we go to our assigned
places? What really happens to us?
  The Elucidator pulls the covers back to reveal
the truth about these things! The book is to be
released in the
Spring of 2018. Look for it soon.

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