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First Southern Baptist Church of Woodlake
First Southern Baptist Church of Woodlake
257 North Acacia Street . Woodlake, California 93286 . 559 564.2591
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Sunday School
Bible Study coupled with prayer is the one of the most important functions for Christian growth.
In the church, Bible Study occurs more often in our Sunday School than anywhere else. Sunday School
is a term not used as often as it once was. Our Sunday School hour is open to all ages.
Linda Peck is
the church's teacher for the Adult Bible Study group,
Glen Holder is the teacher for the Youth and
young adults, and
Carolyn Holder is the Sunday School Director and the teacher for the school age
children. We are presently searching to fill other teaching positions. If you feel that God may be calling
you to teach an age group Bible class, please contact us on our "
Contact Page." Sunday School begins at
9:30 every Sunday morning and is open to all.
Worship Service
Our worship service is a ministry we use to worship and praise God for His love, mercy and goodness.
Every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM we gather in the sanctuary to sing His praises, greet each other in
Christian love, worship the God of the Bible and hear God's message to us from our pastor. There
is always an invitation to receive Christ as Savior and Lord in every service. Most all of the messages
are aired over the radio and can be heard by thousands throughout the valley from Fresno to just south
of Bakersfield and all communities in between.
Mid-week Bible Study
Our mid-week Bible Study is designed to teach the whole church together in one setting. The class is led
by our pastor, Buddy Holder. At the end of the study of each book of the Bible, which takes a couple
of months in most cases, a test of the book studied is given by the pastor to encourage and strengthen
our knowledge of the Bible. The church loves it and is eager to take the tests. The idea of testing our
knowledge was the church's idea. It is a graded test and certificates are given in the following morning
worship service upon satisfactory completion of the test to honor our Bible students and gives us an
opportunity to worship and be thankful to God for what He accomplishes in us. The Bible study begins
at 6:00 every Wednesday evening and is open to all.
Mid-week Prayer Meeting
Someone once said that nothing happens until someone prays. I concur. We have a time of consecrated
prayer where we pray for the needs of all our families, acquaintances, neighbors and friends-all who are
in need. We also take the time to thank God for all He has done for us. Led by our pastor, everyone has
an opportunity to pray for their needs to be met or, if you prefer as some do, make requests for prayer.
Our Prayer Meeting begins just after the Bible Study at around 6:40 in the evening.
Outreach is a function of the church that reaches out to the community with the purpose of meeting the
needs of the people in the community. We have an obligation to reach out to the community with the
love of God. The intention is to introduce our church to the community and tell them about the love of
God as seen and demonstrated in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ.
Douglas & Lisa Bucher serve as
our Outreach Leaders. Outreach is a ministry that helps any community to be a healthy and productive
community in society and is vital to a healthy growing church. It is a ministry that more directly fulfills
the Great Commission of Christ to go into all the world and make disciples (
see Matthew 28:18-20).
We have an on-going evangelic thrust. Our commitment to God's Great Commission is strong and we
are determined to fulfill all of Christ's words. Our first priority is the region where God has placed
us--Woodlake. After Woodlake, our continued emphasises is the surrounding communities, the state of
California and the world. We help fulfill our obligation and Christian duty to extend the Gospel message
of salvation in Jesus Christ in part by giving faithfully to the Southern Baptist Cooperative program. The
worship of God, the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit takes priority in our worship service and
our lives, and the advancement of the Gospel message in its entirety must advance out to the
community. Please go to our
"CET Page" for information on our Evangelism Thrust for
Because of the continued hardships many are facing in these hard economic times we all live in, the
church has begun a Benevolence Ministry to help relieve the burdens of the poor and
underprivileged among us. We believe to efficiently minister to the masses, many times physical needs
must first be met.  Jesus not only met the needs of the soul and spirit, but He first met the needs of the
physical. He healed the lame, the blind, the sick, fed the hungry. We must do likewise.
Food Closet
The First Baptist of Woodlake presently has a ministry to help feed the poor in our community. We get
our food from the generosity of our members and others who bring can foods and other items to the
church to help meet the hunger need of the families and individuals in our community. Any contribution
made to this ministry would be greatly appreciated. All contributions are tax deductible in accordance to
United States tax laws
and guidelines.  
The church's Radio Ministry is going strong. Every week thousands can tune in to hear the Gospel
message. The preaching part of our worship service can be heard on
"KTIP" over AM radio frequency
1450 at 9:30AM and also "KRDU" over AM radio frequency 1130 and iHeart Radio every Sunday
afternoon at
1:00PM. For more information on our radio ministry please go the "Radio Page."
CD Ministry
As a result of our Radio Ministry, we also have CDs of every Radio Program produced to date. To get
a copy of one or more of our Radio Programs on CD please go
to our "Contact Page" and make your
California Evangelistic Thrust (CET)
CET is an evangelistic minstry with the purpose of reaching everyone in California with the Gospel
message of salvation in Jeus Christ in 10 years or less. In order to accomplish our goal we lean on the
Power of God's Spirit and the efforts of God's people. You can go to our
"CET Page" to find out
more about this ministry and how you can help