Our pastor is Marvin
"Buddy" Holder
. He
was voted in by the
members on the last
Sunday of January, 2009.

He has a strong
demeanor for Christ and
loves to preach the
Gospel message. He has
a sound understanding of
the Bible and effectively
delivers its message to
the church.  
Pastor Holder has been
preaching the Gospel
message for 37 years and
has served two other
churches in California as
senior pastor. He' a
graduate of the Seminary
Extension of the six
Seminaries of the
Southern Baptist
Convention with a college
deploma in Pastoral
He is presently
enrolled at Liberty
University in Lynchburg,
VA to further his religeous
Pastor Holder is a
veteran of the Vietnam
War and served with the
First Cavalry Division (Air
Mobile) from August 1965
until August 1966.

He was raised in a
Christian home in
Kentucky with three
brothers and one sister.
His mother,
Mary, has
gone to be with the Lord.
If not for her prayers..."

Buddy credits his mother
for leading him to Christ.
The Beautiful Sanctuary
in the Church Building
near the Foothills
First Southern Baptist Church of Woodlake
First Southern Baptist Church of Woodlake
257 North Acacia Street . Woodlake, California 93286 . 559 564.2591
to the
to the
Gospel message. The Pastor has a grounded
understanding of the Bible and effectively
delivers its message to the church
and over
the airways
. Pastor Holder says, "I'd rather
preach the Bible than to do anything else in
the world."
 He is devoted to God, to his
wife, the church and the delivery and
teaching of God's word.
Murders, Violence, Terror, Threats, Slander…these horrendous things are present everywhere in our country. It is
clear evidence of a problem that is causing the troubling times we live in. We need to find the solution.

The crime and terror are not so much the problem as symptoms of a bigger problem...godlessness. This is what
happens when we leave God out of our lives. This is what happens when God's people turn from honoring and
serving our Creator—our heavenly Father—and begin to put our own agenda above God's Word as we find it in
the Bible. This is what happens when we turn from what is righteous and begin to serve and indulge in

It is not the atheist—the nonbeliever—that is so much of the problem. We have always had and will forever have
nonbelievers and atheists for as long as the earth stands. It is not the murderer, the thief, the adulterer nor the
drunkard that has brought upon us the dreadful and atrocious things we see in our country and in our world No, it is
the disobedient children of God, the ones who say they are Christians but live as if they were not—the non-
compliant believers of our country—that is bringing this blight upon our heads and into our lives.

When I was boy the country had just been through four years of a terrible world war. Tens of thousands of our
young men and women had given their lives in a courageous fight against evil. During and soon after World War II
the people of God began to pray for their children and their country. Christians everywhere were in church praying
for God to intervene. The children of God were on bended knees seeking God's forgiveness and His mercy to
prevail in their lives and in the life of their countrymen and country.

I've read the reports and heard the testimonies of many of yesteryear. Even years after the war, I saw firsthand the
standing room only in our churches in our Sunday morning and evening services. People everywhere were in
church honoring God and thanking Him for the victory over the evil that was trying to take the world. We felt the
blessings of God and were honoring and thanking Him. It was a good time to be alive and witness the blessings of

But today it is not the same as it was then. Today the powers that be are trying to stop prayers in school, they are
trying to stop prayers to God in our sports arenas, in our government functions, in our courts. They don't want our
children to be taught creation, but rather are pushing and emphasizing the unproved theory of evolution. Any
mention of Christ or Christianity is strictly taboo, because someone may be offended.

It is not a coincidence that the graphic lines of crime and terror in our country and the lines of empty pews in our
churches are spiraling up and running parallel. The problem we are faced with is not so much a result of
growing atheism in our country and in the world. The real problem today is the lax commitment of God's people
to do anything about the growing atheistic sentiment.

The Christian has the answer to the solution of the problem we see in this country. We know what is needed, we
know what will end this insecurity and the fast spreading crime, atheism, terror and horror that threatens to
engulf our country and our way of life. We know what will turn the racial hatred and bitterness around. The
answer is simply turning to God in true repentance and serving Him as our Lord and Savior. We need to turn to
Christ and apply His words to our daily lives.

God Himself has told us in His word, the Bible, what is needed to secure God's help. Here is what the Bible
clearly teaches in no uncertain terms:
"[If] My people who are called by My name will humble themselves
and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive
their sin, and will heal their land."
—2 Chronicles 7:14, NASB

"Heal our land." That is what we all are looking for—healing. Will God hear our prayers? Yes, He will
if we
are committed to love and honor Him and do His will. We must follow His word. Jesus, speaking to His
disciples—those who trust and learn from Him—says in regard to answering our prayers,
"If you abide in Me,
and My words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it shall be done for you."
—John 15:7, NASB

The key to God hearing and answering prayer is steadfast adherence to the word of God. What are we doing
when we are adhering to the word of God? We are loving God with all our heart and loving each other with
resolve. Moses, by the will of God, gave us ten commandments. Jesus gave us two that if kept will assure the
obedience to His word and the answer to our prayers. They are to
"…love the Lord your God with all your
heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the great and foremost commandment. The
second is like it, 'You shall love your neighbor as yourself.' On these two commandments [hang] all the
law and the prophets."
—Matthew 22:37-40, NASB

Too many of God's children today are far from being what God demands from His children. We hang out of
church for any reason. It is increasingly more difficult today to see a church completely filled with faithful

We watch sexually tinted commercials—men and women in sexually provocative poses—on television,
billboards and on the internet without as much as raising an eyebrow in righteous indignation. We say nothing in
response to the war on Christian prayer in our schools, in our courts and in our sports arenas. Is it any wonder
that God turns a deaf ear to our prayers when we turn from following Him with all our hearts?

We need to turn from our slumber and our sins of not being faithful to God and turn to obedience to His word,rise
up in prayer, humility and love and speak up in righteous indignation against blatant sin, murder, sexual
promiscuity and terror, and we need to protest against our God-given liberties being taken from us by a growing
atheistic sentiment. We need to become involved in a Bible believing, Christ honoring Christian church where we
can grow in love, faith and obedience to a loving and caring God and Savior. We need to see wide spread revival
across our land among American Christians bent on turning this country around for the cause of Christ.
Jesus is
always the answer!

We are again in a world war against evil forces in high places
. What are you going to do? We need to start
with heart-felt prayer to God for forgiveness and start today to be faithful in attending church. May God's
abundant grace be with you as you listen for His answer to your prayers.
God bless us all and may God bless
A Message from pastor Holder
The Solution to Our Problem